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Compass Green
Company Location: San Francisco, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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You know how broccoli looks like a little tree, rooted by the stalk but reaching its yummy little branches in many different directions? We need something sort of like that.

Compass Green, a mobile education project, teaches sustainable agriculture, inspires creative solutions to food security issues, and demonstrates an environmentally responsible way of living. We offer presentations, workshops, and greenhouse tours at schools and events nationwide via our mobile greenhouse. Our mobility allows us to teach about sustainable agriculture in any setting, making it possible to reach audiences that might not otherwise be exposed to such an education.

Our mobile greenhouse is built on the back of a box truck powered by waste vegetable oil, and with a veritable jungle of edible plants visible through the plexiglass walls, it quickly captures the imagination of kids and adults alike. The truck not only functions as a mobile classroom, but actively demonstrates that with creativity and know-how, food can be grown anywhere. Since we began touring in Fall 2011, our mobile greenhouse has made a complete circuit of the country through 30 states, stopping in 155 towns and cities, and teaching over 7,000 students. You can check us out in this short clip from our Iowa tour:

We are looking for a motivated intern to help with such different things as grant research, fundraising, and scheduling our tour. The individual should be adept on the computer and internet, and excited about working to further sustainable agriculture. They should be financially self-sufficient and prepared to work with us at least 5 hrs a week (more is desired). Having their own access to a computer is a must.
No previous non-profit work necessary. fyi, I never even consider applicants if they just send me a copy'n'pasted form letter.


Intern will have weekly phone calls and/or meet in person with the director, Justin Cutter.
The intern will assist with tour scheduling, social media, fund-raising, and grant research/writing, and potentially adding to our social media presence.


Must be some sort of a badass, even if it is hidden deeply inside.
Must care about sustainability/the environment.
Must be adept on the computer.

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