One Equal Heart Foundation Intern

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One Equal Heart Foundation
1620 Broadway Avenue, Suite 205
Seattle, WA
Posted: 507 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Are you interested in indigenous peoples in Latin America, sustainable development or nonprofit management? Are you looking for a supportive work environment with a knowledgeable and capable staff? One Equal Heart Foundation supports locally-led programs for the indigenous Tseltal Maya in Chiapas, Mexico. We work with students in our Seattle office to design personalized internships drawing from students’ previous skills and cultivating skills that students wish to develop.

Our interns work 4-10 hours a week, flexible times during office hours, which are Mon-Thurs, 9-4. Sometimes, interns will be able to work off-site on certain projects, but at least half of the hours will be spent in the OEH office

One Equal Heart Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization, run entirely by its governing Board and a team of volunteers, including student interns. One Equal Heart Foundation supports the work of the Tseltal Maya in rural Chiapas, Mexico, as they build healthy and sustainable communities. We collaborate with our Chiapas partners to raise funds and awareness for locally-led development programs that emerge from the wisdom and experience of the Tseltal Maya, implement long-term solutions and foster opportunities for sustainable living. Our Chiapas partners are the Jesuit Mission of Bachajón and its nonprofit affiliate, the Center for Indigenous Rights (CEDIAC).


We offer various projects for interns to work on, such as blog writing, social media, fundraising, event planning, educational programming, research, preparation for delegation visits, grant writing, and other day-to-day functions of a small nonprofit. These projects can help students develop skills in writing for different audiences, in cultivating relationships with donors, in researching and writing about a topic, in planning and publicizing events, and in fundraising. The minimum time period for internships is 3 months, but many interns decide to stay on for 6 months or longer. Long-term internships provide the most value to interns as well as to the organization because interns familiarize themselves with the work being done and the mission of One Equal Heart and our partners. As they gain a deeper understanding of the work, they are able to work on larger more in-depth projects and can take on leadership roles in the office. OEH interns spend 4-10 hours each week in One Equal Heart Foundation’s office (on Capitol Hill in Seattle). Sometimes, interns will be able to work off-site on certain projects, but at least half of the hours will be spent in the OEH office. Some hours may be completed at OEH evening or weekend events. Interns may receive academic credit for their internship based on approval from their university.


One Equal Heart promotes a dynamic of mutual learning with our partners as well as in our office. We are looking for a thoughtful and creative intern who seeks to learn new skills and delve into topics related the indigenous Tseltal Maya: food sovereignty, sustainability, women’s leadership, community advocacy, and child nutrition. The organization’s culture is relationship-based on all levels, in the field and in the office. As an intern you will get to work closely with our staff with as much guidance as needed, while working independently on real projects that support sustainable development programs in Chiapas. Ability to speak, read and write Spanish is not required, though helpful. Our ideal candidate is interested in working towards the vision of a sustainable future where people live in harmony with each other and the environment.

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