Post-Graduate BBS Registered Interns

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Total Commitment Consulting Services (TCCS) Provides:
•Group Home Program Consultation- Initial Assessments/ Evaluation (at No Charge)
•On-going Social Work and Consultation Services
•On-going Staff Training- (CEU Provider-PCE 4136)
•Therapeutic Services- (Individual, family & group treatment, psycho-educational classes)
•Thorough documentation of services provided
•Report writing (30-day diagnostic reports, quarterly progress reports, discharge summaries)
•Crisis intervention, telephone counseling
•Referral information / coordination of adjunctive services, including aftercare services
•Clinical Supervision: LMFT/ASW Interns- (Have current openings for Interns)
Clinical Supervision creates a forum for collaboration, developing clinical skills and exploring the self of the therapist. Future clinicians are required to have supervised client contact prior to obtaining a state license. I have experience working with students and clinicians toward obtaining their licenses and improving their clinical skills.
Clinical supervision requires specialized training, which consists of a post-graduate course and supervised clinical internship under a trained and experienced supervisor. A supervisor needs to have knowledge of a wide range of therapeutic models in order to look into the therapist's biases, background and perspectives.
We provide supervision on the preferred models of the therapists who consult with us. We're currently looking for post-graduate BBS registered interns looking to earn their pre-licensing clinical hours. Interns cannot bill clients. This is NOT a paid internship. However, we do provide a stipend to assist with expenses.


1. Interns provide weekly individual, group and family theraputic sessions/ preventative counseling and are involved in crisis management as it relates to the young people residing in residential care.
2. They may work long, irregular hours including nights and weekends.
3. They assist individuals, families and groups with their personal problems in order to help them become more self-sufficient.
4. Interns concentrate on promoting optimum mental health through various programs and services.
5. They help individuals deal with suicidal impulses, self-esteem issues, addictions and substance abuse, stress management, job and career concerns, educational decisions, and issues associated with emancipation.
6. Interns make and record observations that help determine a treatment plan that will accomplish the resident’s goals.
7. They work closely with other mental health professionals including other therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and placement workers to ensure that all of the resident’s needs are being met.
8. Interns are also responsible for writing reports, maintaining records of all services, and making sure that all records are kept confidential.
9. They must meet weekly with the Clinical Supervisor for total of 104 weeks. (2-hours per week in a group setting for 52 weeks; at least one hour of one-on-one, individual, face-to-face supervision for 52 weeks.)
10. They are responsible for recording their weekly supervised hours on the BBS Experience Verification and Weekly Summary of Hours of Experience forms. (A supervised week is any week in which the Intern meets with an individual supervisor for one hour or a group supervisor for two hours.)


You Must Have your current BBS registration number (for direct therapy), CAID, current physical, valid 1st Aid/CPR card and be able to pass a live scan in order to be associated with the assigned group home.
For ASW's:
The Board requires 3,200 hours of professional experience and 104 supervised weeks to qualify for a license as a clinical social worker. Of the 3,200 hours required, 1,700 must be gained under the supervision of an LCSW. Of the 104 supervised weeks required, 52 weeks must be weeks in which the applicant met with an individual supervisor. Of the 52 required individual supervision weeks, 13 weeks must be under an LCSW.
A supervised week is a week in which an Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW) meets with a supervisor for either one (1) hour or individual or two (2) hours of group supervision. An applicant for licensure cannot be approved to sit for the licensing exam without completing both the 3,200 hours of professional experience AND the 104 required supervised weeks. One (1) hour of individual or two (2) hours of group supervision is mandatory for any week from which the applicant claims experience.
No more than 40 hours of experience can be earned in any given week.
The Board requires a minimum of 2,000 hours of experience in clinical psychosocial diagnosis, assessment, and treatment, including psychotherapy or counseling. Of these 2,000 a minimum of 750 shall be face-to-face individual or group psychotherapy.*
The Board allows for a maximum of 1,200 hours in client-centered advocacy, consultation, evaluation, and research.

For MFTI's:
The Board requires 3,000 hours of supervised professional experience and 104 weeks of supervision to qualify for MFT examination eligibility.
Of the 104 supervised weeks required, 52 weeks must be weeks in which the applicant received at least one (1) hour of one-on-one, individual, face-to-face supervision. A supervised week is any week in which a Trainee or Intern meets with an individual supervisor for one hour (1) or a group supervisor for two (2) hours.*
The required 3,000 hours of supervised experience must conform to the following breakdown:
Counseling Hours
Individual Psychotherapy (no Min or Max hrs)
Couples, Family, and Children (Min 500 hrs)
Group Therapy or Counseling (Max 500 hrs)
Telephone Counseling (Max 250 hrs)
Telemedicine Counseling (Max 125 hrs)(see question 24)
Non Counseling Hours
Administering and Evaluating Psychological Tests, Writing Clinical Reports, Writing Progress or Process Notes (Max 250 hrs)
Workshops, Seminars, Training Sessions or Conferences (Max 250 hrs)*
Personal Psychotherapy Received (Max 100 hrs triple counted as 300)*
The maximum amount of work experience that a Trainee or Intern may count in a given week is 40 hours. Personal Psychotherapy received does not count as work experience and does not require supervision.

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