Project Coordinator

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Cambridge Brickwalk Conservancy, Inc.
Company Location: Cambridge, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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The Cambridge Brickwalk Conservancy (CBC) is being formed to address a drastic change in policy by the City of Cambridge which has resulted in the rapid degradation of legacy brick sidewalks all over the city. The mission of the CBC is to preserve, maintain, and gradually extend traditional brick sidewalks in Cambridge.
We envision the CBC becoming, in time, a public-private partnership along the lines of the Central Park Conservancy in New York City – and for a similar reason: neglect or degradation by city officials of a historically valued resource.
The person should have a strong interest in historic preservation and an appreciation for the legacy characteristics which define Cambridge and distinguish it from “everywhere” USA. We envision the intern as an active collaborator in the project to restore balance to the City’s sidewalk design, maintenance and construction policies. He or she will be working most closely with Diane Beck who is directing this project – and secondarily with Jack McMullen who is overseeing it.


• Attend meetings of relevant community organizations that have influence over City policy
• Network to key opinion leaders with influence on City policy
• Identify and network with the main handicapped organizations in the City
• Perform internet and library research when needed to get greater clarity on subjects related to this project
• Establish relationships with those conducting engineering studies on the suitability of various sidewalk materials for use by wheelchairs
• Prepare reports to present to City and state officials and organizations on the subject of suitable sidewalk materials
• Comment on the City’s Five-Year sidewalk plan
• We know that the City has made a drastic change in sidewalk policy at the behest of handicapped activists starting in the early 1990s. Determine how this policy shift was accomplished, what arguments were used, and what data to support those arguments was provided
• Develop data-supported counter-arguments to address the rationale used by such activists
• Help mobilize community support for a restoration of legacy brick sidewalks, a signature characteristic of Cambridge for over two centuries


Use of the internet, libraries, Microsoft word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Collecting, evaluating and reaching sound conclusions.
Working with selected state statutes, City ordinances that relate to the project, planning, design, decision making, contracting and construction.
Maintaining accurate records and files.
Meeting critical deadlines.
Communicating clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
Participating in some field investigation.
Basic principles, practices and methods of administrative and organizational analysis.
Self-motivated and able to work independently.

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