Web Development Intern, Guatemala

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Sequoia International is an international alliance of change agents looking to break the cycle of physical and sexual violence against women throughout the world. Specifically, our mission is to give women the tools they need to make autonomous decisions about their personal safety and security. To do this, we have developed the "Sequoia model," which works in three steps:

1) We partner with existing non-profit organizations to help form communities of women that are safety proactive and conscious of their own intrinsic worth as women and as human beings;

2) We lead workshops on the human rights guaranteed to women by the government of their country; and

3) We teach women about basic self defense and (defensive) martial arts.

Because we know that the most difficult part of an initiative of this nature is to reach the people who need it most, we are developing a training program by which to train women to do outreach work within their communities. To this end, we are developing a "bracelet" training and certification system similar to the belt system in karate. Borrowing from the Filipino martial arts style of Kali, we are also "hiding" the lessons and moves in a song and dance, to ensure the women teaching and learning these lessons stay safe while working within machismo societies.

Sequoia International is based in Antigua, Guatemala, but we are partnered with organizations in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and the United States. Currently, we are focused on working with non-profit organizations, but we are also beginning to partner with campus organizations in the U.S.

We need someone to join our team who has the skills and passion necessary to create an awesome website and who wants to use these skills and passion to inspire positive change. Spanish is preferred, but not required, as this can be a remote internship. We would like a commitment of at least 6 months to complete the site, although closer to a year would be preferred.


The primary responsibility of this intern will be designing the website for Sequoia International. The intern will be expected to communicate well with the team, problem solve creatively, and be open to criticism and feedback. We will also expect the intern to be comfortable making creative decisions and helping the team with strategic planning as needed.

One important thing to note is that you will not be treated like an intern, but rather a valued equal on the team that will help make decisions and leave your imprint on the organization. If you are interested in an organization in which you can have say and help make decisions in a dynamic environment, then Sequoia International is for you.


Experience with website design and programming, either through school or prior work experience, is a must. Samples of work will be requested, along with a Skype interview.

If interested, please apply by sending in a copy of your resume/CV, a cover letter, and a screen shot of previous work.

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