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The Collective Consulting Group was created to empower an economy for social good.

We provide organizations, campaigns, and every day citizens with the necessary tools to create and manage their own campaigns for social and economic justice and connect those people with professional change agents to help them lead these efforts.

Our enterprise model creates professional development and consulting opportunities for “creators and communicators” from traditionally marginalized communities, provides high-impact talent and greater public exposure to organizations intent on seeking social justice, and creates a new mechanisms to help nonprofits and social enterprises spur local economic growth, multiply revenue streams, and increase civic engagement at the neighborhood level.

We deliver breakthrough consulting services to nonprofits, social enterprises, urban school districts, policy influencers, and socially responsible companies through a network of artists, designers, web developers, photographers, videographers, communications strategists, administrative specialists that want to catalyze the sector for social good.

In just over 20 months of operation we have secured long-term partnerships with large public institutions like Boston Public Schools, historic federal anti-poverty and education programs such as the Boston Promise Initiative, Boston’s most influential political figures, and dynamic local start-ups such as the Somali Community and Cultural Association and Boston Youth Wrestling.

Collective Consulting Group is seeking passionate, self-starting, and talented individuals with proven integrity to serve as consultants (agents working under the authority of CCG leadership) for the following activities most sought after by our clients:

- WRITERS with experience in designing grant applications, prospectuses, and proposals.

- GRAPHIC ARTISTS with experience designing for – or who wish to design communications products for – socially responsible business, political campaigns, or other progressive groups

- WEB & SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS who have experience building and maintain websites and software applications for businesses

- DIGITAL MARKETERS with relevant experience in email, social media, and other forms of digital marketing

- BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONALS with relevant experience serving as a counselor and supporter of small business owners and startups, mergers & acquisitions, business strategy and growth planning, joint ventures, corporate governance, venture capital structuring and negotiation, franchising and tax planning. You’ve helped organizations sort through the legal, tax and operating procedures and provided powerful strategies to help keep their operations in place and running strong.

- COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS with relevant experience facilitating workshops and leading direct action for progressive policy platforms and reform efforts.


- LOTS OF PROJECTS: You'll support your team’s lead Change Agent and work with your own clients to deliver high-quality services and products that nonprofits and social entrepreneurs need to make an impact. A team of administrative coordinators will help you focus on getting deals done and processing invoices. You'll have 1-5 clients actively seeking support and every one of’em will expect fantastic work on your end.

- RECRUIT TALENT: CCG seeks to bring as many talented consultants to the social good sector as possible. If you have a slow week, you can earn additional bonuses by serving as a CCG recruiter, locating top-notch talent in your area who want to help expand the impact of the social good sector.

- TEACH: Our Change Agent contractors teach many of our Fellowship courses alongside some of the most effective leaders in the social good sector. (Optional. See below for details.)

When you invest in a career with CCG, we invest in you. If you complete 10 projects with 90% customer satisfaction rating, you earn a $1,000 bonus and become eligible to run a team as a Lead Change Agent, increasing your commission.

We support your personal growth. Taking classes at school? Awesome. We’ll pay up to $250 toward your books each semester. Just submit an itemized receipt and we’ll send you a check!

We help you build a profile as a thought leader. When you spend six months with us a Change Agent, you also become eligible to teach one of our Change Agent Fellowship courses! Each year, CCG recruits a class of 6-8 outstanding young adults who wish to focus their careers on entrepreneurship and social justice. These young people spend a year training with us as Fellows in order to become employees for local social enterprises, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Each month our Fellows attend a series of courses with CCG that train them for success in the social good sector and help them build their professional network. Our Change Agent contractors teach many of our courses alongside some of the most effective leaders in the social good sector. Become a Change Agent Fellowship Instructor, raise your profile as a service expert in the social good sector, and provide opportunities to some of the most motivated and compassionate young leaders you’ll ever meet.

Once you begin consulting as a Change Agent, you receive a commission from the consulting project fee charged on each project you lead for our CCG clients and customers. You can also earn a bonuses for:

1. Every happy customer you create through a reference from your services.

2. Every consultant we hire through your reference who performs well customer satisfaction surveys.


- EXPERIENCED: You're a licensed agent with ten deals under your belt, two over the last 12 months

- EFFECTIVE: CCG sends your clients our customer-satisfaction survey (CSS); you must score a 70% CSS score to remain under contract with us. For people we hire, we publish the results on your profile.

- ETHICAL: You can name your most important values, you live by your values already, and do the right thing – always.

- SKILLED: You have at least a high school diploma, demonstrable expertise in your area of service (see service areas above), and have strong communication skills – both verbal and written.

- FIRE IN THE BELLY: Your passion is serving clients, and you always do the right thing.

- WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET: You're a real person and a truth-teller, not a schmoozer or baloney artist.

- THE NEED FOR SPEED: You come in to work every day ready to kick it into 6th gear

- ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL: You rally for and stay loyal to your team

- THE ART OF THE DEAL: You know when to work the angles, when to cut the tension with a joke and when to go to bat for a client. Diplomat. Shrink. High-stakes poker player. Stand-up person. The Definition of Cool. Professional.

- #LOVEMYTECH: You're addicted to email, Facebook, Twitter, “the Gram”, blogs, iPhone. You love technology, technology loves you.

Change Agent Consultants use their diverse skill sets as creators, researchers, and organizers to build and promote solutions for a better world every day while also:

1. Gaining access to a broad portfolio of clients, from traditionally high-impact nonprofit organizations to inspiring social enterprise startups.

2. Working under their own terms – for the jobs they want and the clients they prefer.

3. Working the hours that fit their schedule.

The CCG website ( serves as a marketplace for creative consultants to engage new clients who want to improve their local communities or solve for regional and global challenges. Change Agent Consultants can receive inquiries from clients and choose to accept them or pass them onto other Change Agents in their local network.

As a CCG agent, your job is pretty simple: delight our clients/customers and help them make an impact where it is needed the most. You won't be thrown to the wolves. You won’t have to cold-call clients or attending meetings with complete strangers. You'll be working with an experienced team to help build a better social enterprise sector and receive custom-made training built exclusively for you and your career stage. Also, you'll get access to plenty of clients – often as many as you can handle – who've chosen to work with you by checking out your profile on our website.


Required - Oral & Written Communication Skills, Passion for Helping Others, Listening Skills, Commitment to Customer Service, Client Relationship Management
Preferred - Change Management, Business Planning, Graphic Design, Grant Writing, Digital Marketing, SaaS, Web Development, Revenue Analysis, Application Development, Resource Development, Website Management, Grant Management, Business Expansion, Account Sales Strategies

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