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At the heart of Youth Crime Watch Liberia’s programs is a strategy or theory of change that recognizes the need for active, empowered and enabled youth citizens who have a channel for interaction with an accountable state and society with the goal of reducing and preventing crime. By enabling and empowering Liberian youth through experience (community development projects), opportunities (leadership), skill-based training (entrepreneurship), and access (knowledge, education and technology), we help to bridge power gaps while simultaneously decentralizing economic activities and post-war reconstruction efforts. With programs entirely focused on building confidence, trauma healing, business/skills training, and action for women we help redistribute power bringing Liberia’s most at risk populations to a forum where they can be heard, respected and incorporated into all aspects of society and policy. While we currently focus on grassroots empowerment, we are beginning to incorporate civil engagement and policy advocacy into many of our programs. We do so through the establishment of innovative, collaborative platforms and channels that could connect all Liberians.
In this process we directly reduce risk factors that lead to crime. Through our crime reporting and prevention system and needs assessments we determine what primary interventions are needed where. In the future, as more and more young women and men become engaged in this system, they themselves will become leaders of peaceful interventions and become socially responsible, active citizens.



With the Financial contribution of the European Union (European Development Fund) and the assistance of the ACP Group of States, the Street Library seeks to support a culture of reading and local Liberian artist by
• increasing access to cultural materials
• providing new and innovative means of distribution
• supporting networks of cultural entrepreneurs
• implementing technological solutions and
• increasing the number of Street Libraries

A Street Library is simply a smaller scale library with some physical books onsite and that mostly focuses on providing access to the electronic cultural material distribution platform for Liberia. It is equipped with PCs, laptops and tablets as well as tables, chairs, desks and all items necessary to facilitate learning, awareness and literacy.

The philosophy of a Street Library is taking books out of their traditional locations which can be intimidating especially for those who are just learning to read at an older age. We literally take our books to the street where everyone can have access to them. We also ensure that locations are handicap accessible and that oral story times or books on tape are available for all people especially those who may be blind, otherwise visually impaired or just learning to read.

YCWL believes in a Liberia with a rich, resilient, vibrant culture. Our mission is to support a culture of reading and our local artist by increasing access to cultural materials and providing new and innovative means of distribution. We believe that by enabling Liberia’s diverse culture, languages, music and traditions we allow not only for Liberians to be proud of who they are but also support the livelihoods of artists and other cultural actors.


He/she will work to design and implement Street Library activities and literacy programs while maintaining, updating and recruiting local cultural entrepreneurs to feature their works and products on an online/offline platform to promote cultural entrepreneurship in Liberia.

The responsibilities of the Coordinator are grounded in the mission and vision of Youth Crime Watch of Liberia.


 Plan, design, create and implement programs and activities for all Street Library locations in Liberia (target of 3 locations for 2015)
 Update Management Manuals for Street Library Locations
 Train, mentor and evaluate Street Library location managers, activities and volunteers
 Create a network and database of cultural entrepreneurs and their products for the Microsoft platform for the Street Library Project (platform to be complete in February 2015)
 Recruit and cultivate relationships with cultural entrepreneurs as well as potential program volunteers/funders/supporters/stakeholders
 Design and implement a Youth Crime Watch Liberia Street Library Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Plan for the program implementation in keeping with YCWL’s and ACP MEL practi


 Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively
 Ability to maintain expected performance in diverse contexts, potentially challenging environments.
 Ability to work independently and in a variety of vertical/horizontal teams
 Computer literacy including Microsoft Office software, emails, internet
 Excellent project management skills. Ability to partner across multiple organizations and to build credibility with engineering and business teams across the division.
 Excellent oral and written communication skills. /

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