US Pro-Life Pregnancy Counselor Program

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Expectant Mother Care
344 East 149th St.
Bronx, NY
Posted: March 03 2016
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: 50 Full-time, Paid

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This internship involves work from 16- 45 hours of work a week working in a variety of counseling settings in EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers, and "sidewalk counseling" outside of abortion facilities, escorting expectant mothers to appointments, engaging in outdoor pro-life/pro-abstinence literature distribution, and participating in pro-life special events.

The internship is also going to involve a limited amount of fundraising. For more information on this opportunities, contact Chris Slattery at (212) 213-4690, and applications can be found at

We will tailor the actual day to day work to the individual talents of each person and to our needs each week.

We provide:
Free Room and Board, including MetroCards for up to three dozen Pro-Life Interns, who will do stints (not all at the same time) in an old, cozy, two family house, with separate quarters for men and women, near subways, in the central Bronx. In other cities, interns will be placed in private homes and apartments within commuting distance of where interns will work.

Special educational trips and visits may be made to meet with with leading pro-life leaders in NYC, and other cities, to meet leaders such as Fr. Frank Pavone, the Sisters of Life, and Msgr. Phillip Reilly of the Helpers of God's Precious Infants.

Visits to cultural, educational and various religious sites will be made in the NY Area, and cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston, Williamsburg, VA. (in summer primarily)

May - September internships:

Interns will be given a stipend of $75 per week, paid every two weeks, via PayPal, or VISA gift cards (spend down gift cards, but not usable for cash withdrawal). The stipend is to cover lunches and cell phone reimbursements, during the late Spring and summer months.

Interns must raise and donate $150 towards Expectant Mother Care upon arrival in NYC.

There is an 8 week minimum internship length, but with no set start dates.

All interns will be asked to work outside of abortion facilities for approximately half of the time sidewalk counseling, and the other half will be spent inside our offices in NYC.

Interns who live in NYC, may stay at home, and are not required to live in EMC housing.

October - April internships:

Interns will be given a stipend of $100 per week.
Stipend money will be provided via PayPal or by VISA gift cards (spend down gift cards, but not usable for cash withdrawal).

College credit must be arranged by the application, as there is no academic association with a university and our program.

Though this is an intense, rewarding internship requiring lots of hard work, our interns have fun too! For example, we often go to shows, museums, sporting events, and on occasion amusement parks, and for beach trips (in the summer).

Saving children, here in the Abortion Capital of America-NYC, and in other high abortion rate cities, takes special people.


Interns must be in excellent health, and be willing and able to work both indoors, inside sometimes, imperfectly heated or cooled work places, and sometimes outdoors, in all weather conditions, including in rainy, chilly or very cold weather in non-summer seasons, or in the sometimes intense heat and sun in the summer.

Outdoor action includes outreach and counseling abortion minded women and men, right in front of abortion facilities, always in a peaceful and prayerful manner, and also doing informational tabling, and handing out literature to pedestrians.

Indoor work involves learning and doing crisis pregnancy counseling, and personal consultations in our various offices/centers.

Interns must handle the rigor of a 45 hour work week although amble time will be provided for recreation, and educational excursions which will reduce the average work experience to less then 40 hours per week.

We provide only one full weekend off for visiting friends or relatives (that is a Saturday, and Sunday) per month.
We work on Saturday morning each week in NYC and in the other cities you will be assigned to, but not on Sundays, although there may be travel time on anyway of the week.

Interns must be willing to share in the sometimes unpleasant chores of cooking, washing dishes, taking out the trash, and cleaning inside and outside the intern house called the "LifeHouse," or in other accommodations they may live in.
They will also be expected to help in cleaning the offices as part of their duties, and sometimes pitch in with office painting, and organizing of work supplies and materials.

Some interns will be asked to be personal escorts for clients to and from pre-natal or ultrasound appointments, and some may make home or hospital visits, with others, to assist clients, as well.

Interns will be expected to blog, with pictures, twice per week, and take photographs and give accounts of their work in the internship, relating stories of their encounters, always respecting the privacy of clients. Some will be asked to make calls for donations, help with mailings, and to speak at fundraising events, too.


Each candidate is required to complete a questionnaire found at and phone interview.

Two years of college or more are expected. A strong anti-abortion/pro-life, abstinence-before-marriage/non only philosophy is required.

Most interns will live initially in the Bronx "LifeHouse", and sleep in bunk beds and share bathrooms, in modest and sometimes crowded conditions.

On our six work nights (Sunday through Friday,) lights are out at 11PM to insure adequate sleep time for a tiring work day. Work weeks are 45 hours of work, 8 hours Monday through Friday, and a half day on Saturday.

In this program you will learn how to and engage in counseling of young girls and women (and sometimes their boyfriends) in crisis pregnancy, most who are bound and determined to get an abortion. About one third of clients encountered will need abstinence (Non contraceptive/non recreational sex) education, after negative pregnancy test results.

Interns must exhibit a hard working, serious attitude, and be philosophically and personally pro-life and pro-abstinence, and practice what they preach. There is no dating or socializing alone, with the opposite sex interns during the internship program. Small group socializing is encouraged in free time.

Applicants with chronic medical conditions, including but not limited to heart issues, respiratory ailments, allergies, back ailments, serious psychological or psychiatric conditions, post-abortion syndrome, a history of child, parental, or boyfriend abuse, must confidentially disclose these conditions or past experiences. No sick day stipends will be paid, and anyone who falls ill, is given one week to recover and must leave if not recovered, beyond one week of illness, or injury, as no supervision can be provided at host homes for long term recovery.

All applicants are expected to obtain their own travel insurance, and medical coverage for their internship, at their own expense.

Experience working in the pro-life movement in some capacity is a plus, but not required.

Shy, introverted, and socially sheltered individuals not comfortable with strangers, (and especially minorities) or the English language, or those adverse to an intense, crowded Big city environment, like NYC, requiring travel on crowded subways, and buses, would not fit in well within this program.

Ideal candidates are mature, well spoken, good listeners and effective, empathetic communicators who are willing to learn and work very hard. We seek those willing to give of themselves, unselfishly, for the sake of the health and well being of mothers, fathers and their precious pre-born children, and to advocate strongly, without compromise, for life-affirming and saving-oneself-for-marriage values .


Required - Empathy, Fluent English, Good communication skills

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