Nutrition Enthusiast / Social Media Contributor

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Your Food Story's mission is to promote healthy and conscientious eating among children and their parents. A startup business on the verge of a product launch seeks to activate and build its social media presence. This is a unique opportunity to help shape the business' online strategy and be influential in creating something from the ground up.


The Social Media Manager Intern candidate is responsible for actively engaging customers and influencers within the social media channel. Responsibilities include:

Create original content/blog posts on key subject matter.

Day-to-day management and development of editorial content on social media platforms

Proactively interacting with online communities

Using social media monitoring tools to monitor conversations and report on metrics

Close liaison with other parts of the organization

Research and present new ideas and a business case focussed on the organization’s targets

Monitor and present relevant data, trends, successes, exceptions etc


Passion for healthy eating and lifestyle. Experience with parenting/children a plus. Customer and service minded. Proactive and strategic thinker who can regularly bring new ideas to the table. Good communicator. Must be able to deeply engage, understand, and evangelize the brand. Experience with building/maintaining other social media platforms.

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