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 Students and employers alike are increasingly using our site both to find internship positions and to fill internship openings.  In fact, 94% of our employers who have ever posted an internship, plan to return to our site to post new internship jobs.

We are so glad we posted our intern search on internships.com. We received so many great applicants’ resumes, and have taken on two fabulous interns for the summer 2010 period. We will definitely be recommending your service to friends and bookmark your company for future searches.

- Mary Healy, Photo Agent
Patricia McMahon

I love internships.com because it has helped me research and connect with businesses all over the nation, which I never thought I would be able to do. When my class mates tell me about their internships and how they found them, it was usually through a family member or family friend, and I don't have any contacts in the business I'm trying to break into. With Internships.com it's about what you know and not who you know. It's very easy to use and I've had a lot of success with it.

-Ilsa M., Student

It’s easy to get great results from using Internships.com.  Students can join the site and create an online resume for free.  From there, they can search our internship database of over 47,000 listings from all around the United States and in almost every career field. When students find internships to apply to, they can submit their online resume directly to employers’ inboxes.