Helping Your Student With Internships



A Note About YOU


Your son or daughter does not need you to be a perfect parent. An ordinary devoted parent is all that is necessary. Perfection is not required, your consistent support is very important. If you are like most of the parents I have met over the past 15 years, and I’m sure you are, you want to maximize your usefulness and minimize your interference. This resource is here to help you do that.

You are unique and so are your challenges. I think it is important for every parent to understand that there is no other parent in the world like you. Of all the parents around you, none is able to care about your son or daughter the way you do. And as a parent, you are unique. You and your son or daughter make a unique combination. There has never been a relationship just like your relationship with your son or daughter. There is no single way to be a parent just as there is no single way to be your son or daughter. Because of my respect for the uniqueness of each parent and his or her situation in life, it is impossible for me (or anyone else, in my opinion) to tell you exactly what to do in each and every situation you face regarding your son or daughter’s career needs.

Even though each relationship you have with your son or daughter is unique, it’s still important to teach you basic truths about career development that aren’t unique while at the same time, preserving the uniqueness of each person. One of those ways is by recognizing the uniqueness of each parent. I don’t expect that this e-book will make all parents guide their sons and daughters exactly the same way. My aim is to help you develop or revisit basic skills, such as giving your son or daughter more confidence as they work to realize their career potential.