Other Ways To Help Your Student


by Vicki Nelson, College Parents of America


As a parent, you will be able to have many meaningful conversations with your college student regarding her career interests and choices.  However, you can also help your student in several direct ways.

  • Encourage your student to visit the Career Office early in her college career.  If your student is undecided about a major, there will be materials to help her learn about majors.  If she knows what her major is, she can find information about careers related to that major and about internship opportunities.
  • Talk to your student about his skills and interests.  Help him to explore what he might like to do – and to get to know himself even better.
  • Talk to your student about your own job and responsibilities.  Discuss the things that you like and don’t like about your job.
  • Encourage your student to participate in at least one internship during her college career.  This is a wonderful way to “audition” a job and to learn about the work world, as well as to build a solid resume.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of any networking opportunities and/or career fairs offered by the Career Office.
  • Volunteer to work with the Career Office by visiting, mentoring a student, participating on a panel, allowing a student to shadow you at your job.

 Colleges definitely want to see their graduates succeed in the world.  Providing the services of a Career or Placement office is one way in which most colleges assist their students.  However, the services are only as helpful as the use that students make of them.  Help your student take full advantage of what the college is offering by helping him understand that the Career Office may have something for him all through his four years.