With an average of nearly 300 sunny days and less than 10 inches of rain a year, Phoenix is the perfect city for active college interns and graduates. While the temperatures can soar beyond 100-degrees Fahrenheit from June to September, average lows remain above 50 degrees even in the coldest months. From hiking, camping and whitewater rafting at the Grand Canyon to exploring the mountainous terrains of South Mountain Park and Papago Park, there's no end to the outdoor amusements of this city. When you're not exploring the museums or enjoying a night at the theater, you'll benefit from a diverse economy with many large corporations open to working with interns.

Phoenix has always thrived off the tourism industry due to the many natural attractions located inside city limits, and there is a rich history of manufacturing facilities within the city as well. In recent years, internship and job opportunities have opened up in a wider variety of industries as more large corporations choose this sunny location for headquarters and regional offices. Some of the industries now heavily represented in Phoenix include healthcare, financial services and logistics. There are also some jobs available from big corporations in the aerospace and education fields.

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