Celebrity and Fashion Photographer-- IMMEDIATE, Part-time, Unpaid Intern

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Kaleb Khu Photography
West Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Kaleb Khu is an international published celebrity and fashion photographer, art and creative director.

Kaleb moved to America a month before his 16th birthday from the beautiful land of Thailand to pursue his dreams to be a fashion photographer. He continued his education and graduated with honors from the University of Buffalo in Film and Photography.

In his early teens, Kaleb received his very first camera along with a ticket to Milan, Italy as a birthday gift from his beloved parents. While in Milan, Kaleb made his very first stop at the world-renowned Versace boutique in Via della Spiga; it didn't take him long enough to realize he's then fascinated with the world of fashion photography. A new-found hobby, a new fascination, a new journey to only open many doors to launch his career as he stepped into adolescent.

Known for his conceptual work, creative directing, and ability to think far outside the box, he brings the best out of the environment that he is working in whether it be editorial stories, magazines, or celebrity's publicity shoots. While living his dreams, Kaleb remains active in seeking creative inspirations and outlets for ideas. He works bi-coastal but resides in the City of Angels.

Inspiring, to say the least, Kaleb has the ability to push yourselves to your edge. There's plenty of room for growth and advancement in this position.


- Photoshoot and styling assistance
- Showroom returns
- Proofread both hard and electronic files, basic copy-editing, ability to write proposals and reports
- Work on special projects, as needed
- Social media savvy, assisting in maintaining and updating online presence (personal website, twitter, facebook, blogs)


*MUST BE LOCAL TO LOS ANGELES AREA. If you do not live in the area, please do not respond to post. It is absolutely necessary that interns live in Los Angeles area.

- Ability to handle fast-paced working environments
- Must be a team player and able to multitask
- Reliable Transportation
- Laptop (Prefer Apple Products)
-Tech Savvy
- Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Creative Suites, and Microsoft programs
- Name 3 of your favorite magazines
- Send in 3 blogs in which you follow
- Provide personal blog(s) and/or portfolio
- An innovative self-starter with problem solving skills, creativity, ambition, and a strong work ethic

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