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World Gospel Mission is committed to challenging believers in their missions activity. Regardless of where you live, how you earn your paycheck, where you go to school, or how capable or incapable you might feel, God wants to use your gifts and talents to further His kingdom.

Photos provoke emotions and inspire people to action. WGM’s Global Link Department is looking for photography interns who want to travel and be a part of the big picture of what God is doing in the world. Interns will work on projects that will go to real clients for print.


Photography interns will gain practical experience by travelling to WGM fields and shooting on-site. Interns will direct, arrange, and assist in the posing of individual and group portrait shots. They will capture images at churches, events, ministry locations, and candid moments. They will be responsible for daily downloads and archiving raw files to CD/DVD/Storage Drives and will record a daily data journal for activities and responsibilities performed while working.

Interns are given hands-on experience on the field where they can apply and refine concepts, principles, theories, techniques, and problem-solving skills. Interns will learn new techniques, skills, and knowledge in the professional field.

This internship requires travel to a mission field. You will raise the funds for the trip and recruit prayer support.


Interns will need their own digital SLR camera and multiple lenses, knowledge about proper
use of flash, understanding lighting conditions, and the ability to coach people in posing.

How To Apply

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