Music Video/Video Content/Photography Studio Needs Intern

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I am looking for a fantastic intern in the Downtown Los Angeles area. We produce/direct music videos (currently lower budget, but slowly building bigger names), create video content like EPK, webisodes, etc.. and of course photo shoots. Need eager intern who understands FCP and Photoshop, but not necessarily pros at it. Pros also welcome! Jobs are wide and varied but ALWAYS educational and NEVER personal. You won't be getting coffee or dry cleaning. I did that as an intern and will never treat someone the same.


Interns will research looks for photo shoots, music videos, research works online. They will also work on photo shoots and video sets. In the event of working on set, you will be hired as a PA and get the full daily rate. You will email prospective clients, help on shoots, brain storm, help with social media, help build a new wing of the business, and potentially help with video editing, etc... Lots to do, lots to learn and collaborate on.


This is the roughest part because so much of this industry is undefined. To be honest, i'm looking for someone that "gets it" and that's based on their work ethic, their taste for visuals, what they bring in (their opinions), etc... I want someone who is willing to learn, willing to have an opinion, has no ego, and just ready to get their hands dirty.

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