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Professional photographer working in Fitness and fashion industry seeking an intern to help handle the growing pains. I am especially looking for people with Final Cut Pro experience, basic HTML copy paste type skills. I am the type of person who will let you use my studio equip, cameras lenses, space to build and develop your skill. I am looking for a mentorship type partnership where I learn things from you and vice versa. It should be a mutually beneficial arrangement. I dont want to get free work from you and you not become a dangerous proficient business person who can attack their career when we our time is done.


Responsibilities will mainly editing both images and video, archiving projects, printing images, uploading images for clients, client correspondence. I will teach basic retouching to someone who does not know, but I am really hoping for someone who is strong in skin retouching for my beauty images and fitness. set up and tear down for shoots. Painting and building sets/props is helpful too. Sometimes I just need someone around the studio. You can bring your laptop and work from my space, answer the phone when it rings or you can use that time to play with lights and sync and pocket wizards and speedlites etc. I have some fun stuff and some really old stuff, but they are tools and I am careful with my equipt but it is not a toothbrush, its okay if other people use it.


Your own transportation and sense of style, solid work ethic, kind, courteous, professional but still fun, should be Mac proficient, lightroom, Photoshop, social media, twitter, facebook, instagram. I will do my own online presence but you should be familiar with these platform and will access them from time to time. You should have a strong sense of self and identity. I'm totally okay with different styles and opinions etc, in fact i prefer someone who does not actually like my style too much. I need perspective not a yes person. I need to perceive you to have an eye, a talent to spot trends and understands design concepts. it looks like this: on set, a stylist puts together a look, it comes out on a model and you say....." Gasp! omg that is so chic and forward, and i look at you crazy and say; Really? you like that? And you look at me like i'm crazy and you defend your position. I look at you and say, okay lets shoot it. I dont want you to choose for me. but i want to grow and stay relevant and I cannot do that without a younger person with the energy and resources to keep a finger on the pulse of pop culture and the industries we are looking to break into.

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