Photography Intern (Restaurant / Food Industry)

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Sip Dine writes reviews, based on actual experience in the Dining category focusing on Restaurants, Chefs, Products, Events and Festivals covering it from a local perspective and national perspective, where applicable. This includes interviews with local restaurateurs, chefs, or nationally-known food authors/celebrities/specialists with connections to Atlanta, GA. Although based in Atlanta, GA, we are expanding in the NYC and DC markets.

We, at Sip Dine, also provide reviews of new products (including product launches) targeting consumers interested in 'all things cuisine', sports/health/wellness drinks, and gadgets for kitchen / cooking. We do all of this while ensuring that we 'highlight' the personality behind the brand.

Are you a whiz with a camera? Snap a picture of every sandwich you eat? Love food, styling it, and making it look great? If so, we may have the perfect internship opportunity for you. This UNPAID internship position is based in Atlanta, GA.


Sip Dine seeks a Photographer to take photos at foodie events, restaurants we review, cuisine, food related products, photo shoots related to the 'food / restaurant industry'. Interns will gain photography experience, and photos for his/her respective portfolio, as a result of taking photos at events that Sip Dine partakes in.

We're looking for an intern with a camera he/she is comfortable with, who can shoot clear, compelling photos in all light conditions—and, equally as important, can edit his/her own images and turn them around quickly (48-72 hours, depending on circumstances). Some photo shoots could potentially involve restaurant bars, so we ask that applicants be of legal drinking age, 21+.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Our Internship Program is available to any student currently enrolled in college..

This is an UNPAID Internship;

If you are interested in becoming a Photography intern with Sip Dine, please send your resume, and any links to websites (i.e. Flickr, Razorfish, etc.) of your photos to


Major: Photography / Film

We prefer someone who is interested or has experience in one or more of the following industries:

Restaurant / Food / Sports / Health / Entertainment Industries

NOTE: Applicants be of legal drinking age, 21+.

How To Apply

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