Special Assistant-Foreign Affairs-Read Carefully-All Cities Worldwide-8-17-AK

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Organization for International Cooperation
Company Location: Marlton, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 18 Part-time, Unpaid

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We are advocating that government and multilateral institution officials participate in innovative ontology based programs. These revolutionary programs proven to be consistently successful in the private sector can support officials in producing unprecedented, major breakthrough results in security, humanitarian and environmental challenges.

Our Special Assistants perform critically important functions that support our global efforts. To be a part of our project is to be part of history in the making! The global utilization of ontology based programs will transform the pursuit of peace and cooperation as we know it.


Most people in and out of government assume that our international security and humanitarian challenges are so numerous and so difficult that we should not expect great results from our foreign policymakers, negotiators and security strategists.

What if people said years ago, “Since so many people around the world are afflicted with devastating diseases we shouldn’t expect any great cures from our medical scientists.” Thank God that was not the case. We did conquer those diseases and many others. We continue to see medical breakthroughs all the time.

Over the last 35 years programs were developed in the private sector that consistently support client companies and their people worldwide in producing unprecedented major breakthrough results in practically all their challenges. Ex. Violent and non-violent labor disputes, market share, sales, team work, leadership, new products, productivity, profitability, public relations, etc. ad infinitum

The processes in the programs dramatically expand conscious awareness. Thus foreign relations officials can attain the ability to identify many critical issues continually bypassed that undermine peace and cooperation efforts.

In uncovering such issues foreign policymakers and related officials will become capable of formulating, negotiating and implementing effective policies and strategies successfully. Our mission is to connect important government officials around the world with the firms that provide these innovative, outside the box programs.

Given the continual failures to resolve serious security, humanitarian and environmental challenges coupled with the continual increase in the numbers of threats we face it should be clear to everyone that humanity is on a very slippery slope.

All it would take to end this experiment called mankind would be a nuclear attack by one of the dysfunctional nuclear armed states or a multi-location terrorist attack using chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons. The reaction to such an attack could be globally devastating.

Through the use of the programs all challenges can be effectively prevented or resolved. There are no other resources capable of supporting such results


1-Special Assistants make calls to government and multilateral institution officials to BRIEFLY explain our work as part of our global advocacy. Those based in New York, Washington or other world capitals may also meet with officials depending on project needs.

2-Special Assistants post our volunteer positions on university job-sites.

3-Special Assistants research and reach out to journalists worldwide to promote key issues we want the public to know.

4-Others research actors, producers and other celebrities to gain their support for our mission.


We are interested in receiving resumes that reflect education in international relations, political science, foreign-service, conflict resolution, counter-terrorism, human rights, national security, global studies, government, regional studies, peace studies and related subjects. Other requirements can be found in the information we send to applicants.

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