Special Assistant-Foreign Affairs-Read Carefully-All Cities Worldwide-3-16-16-AK

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Being an OIC Special Assistant is to be part of history in the making! Special Assistants support our efforts to recommend the use of ontology based programs to foreign policymakers, negotiators and related officials worldwide.

The use of such programs will make it possible for officials to “effectively” prevent or resolve our world’s greatest security, humanitarian and environmental challenges .

There are endless numbers of serious security and humanitarian challenges facing mankind today. Foreign policymakers and those related are not solving these problems. At the same time, more challenges are accumulating daily!

Today we have 9 governments with nuclear weapons! Other governments have chemical, biological and radiological weapons. Certain governments are executing cyber-attacks thousands of times a day.

In addition to all the mayhem created by terrorists, they are also seeking all types of Weapons of Mass Destruction including nuclear weapons.

Our global security has been diminishing rapidly and continually ever since Hiroshima.

OIC advocates that government problem solvers use highly effective ontology based programs.

Their processes dramatically expand conscious awareness. Because of that program participants can accurately identify issues bypassed which undermine their effectiveness.

Program participants would be able to produce unprecedented major breakthrough results. The programs with their transformational processes have been used successfully for 40 years worldwide in the private sector largely and in the public sector to a lesser degree so far.


Special Assistants are asked to work a minimum of 2-3 hours a week and can work more hours if they choose to. Most do. Special Assistants choose the hours they work. They can be any hour of the day, night or weekend with certain exceptions.



1-To support our advocacy Special Assistants identify the type of officials we are interested in. They find their contact information, write to them and call them. Most are with various Foreign Ministries, Presidential Cabinets and National Security Councils.

2-Special Assistants also post our intern positions on university job-sites.


One of the most important qualifications is that the applicant must be someone who realizes the very high level of danger we face in the world today. Too many people have their heads in the sand in a state of denial.

Applicants must be able to relate this reality to the survival and well being of mankind. They must realize they are just as at risk as everyone else. They must be willing to ardently support the promotion of ontology based programs that can support officials in producing major breakthroughs.

We seek mature, responsible, resourceful, tenacious and assertive individuals with good people skills who can follow directions carefully. They must speak clear and fluent English. All other qualifications and program issues are discussed in our telephone interviews.

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