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β€œThe unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking. Thus we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe.”

-Albert Einstein, 1948

The most important obstacle in every international security and humanitarian challenge is the inability to accurately identify all the critical issues undermining the effectiveness of policies, negotiations and strategies.

This shortcoming is the result of insufficient levels of conscious awareness which to one degree or another we are all subject to.

When foreign policymakers and other officials are struggling to resolve their challenges, their insufficient levels of conscious awareness results in [a] vital information bypassed, [b] objectivity diminished, [c] the actions of adversaries or allies are assessed in negative or counter-productive terms, [d] the validity of positive and alternative views are bypassed and [e] negotiations repeatedly fail.

Special Assistants support our ground breaking OIC Foreign Relations Breakthrough Project. The project is a global commitment to advocate that important officials in several governments utilize ontology based group programs. They have been used mostly in the private sector for 45 years. They have an extraordinary track record of consistent success. They can make it possible for officials to produce unprecedented major breakthrough results.

They expand conscious awareness dramatically. This makes it possible for program participants to accurately identify where their efforts are off track, where they have undermined their conflict assessments, why their policies and negotiations fail and all other issues which preclude successful results.

Failures in foreign relations means that millions of people die and are injured needlessly. It means that national, regional or global security are compromised.

Failures in relating with nuclear armed states led by dysfunctional leaders could bring about a global catastrophe. Failures in addressing counter-terrorism challenges today means that these same issues and the mayhem they create continue and spread globally.

Being a Special Assistant is to be part of history in the making! They support our efforts to recommend the use of breakthrough ontology based programs to foreign policymakers, negotiators and related officials worldwide.


1-OIC has been a non-profit, all volunteer organization since July 1984.

2-No one is required to work more than 2-3 hours a week. Although many choose to do more. Special Assistants determine their own hours.

3-Special Assistants communicate with important government officials engaged in various aspects of foreign relations.

4-Special Assistants receive continual guidance from our Task Coordinators, Senior Assistants, Project Coordinator and Assistant Project Coordinator.


1-To support our advocacy Special Assistants identify the type of officials we are interested in. They find their contact information, write to them and call them. Most are with various Foreign Ministries, Presidential Cabinets and National Security Councils.

2-Special Assistants also post our intern positions on university job-sites.


We seek applicants who realize the very high level of danger we face in the world today. Too many people have their heads in the sand in a state of denial. Applicants must be able to relate this reality to the survival and well being of mankind. They must realize they are just as much at risk as everyone else.

We seek mature, responsible, resourceful, tenacious and assertive individuals with good people skills who can follow directions very carefully. We give priority attention to applicants who are studying or have studied international relations, political science, government, conflict resolution, counter-terrorism, foreign service and security.

Applicants must speak clear and fluent English. All other qualifications and program issues are discussed in our telephone interviews.

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