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Marilyn Grunwald for Commuinty College 2015
Company Location: Van Nuys, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 12 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Marilyn Grunwald is a candidate in the March 5th L.A. City Municipal Elections. She is running for LAUSD Board of Trustee # 6, which is located in the N.E. San Fernando Valley. This is a nonpartisan seat (she is a union supporting Democrat). The campaign has a variety of internships available. Check us out at www.marilyngrunwald.net or e-mail marilyn.grunwald@gmail.com.

We will give letters of recommendation and sign off on high school and college credit. This is an excellent opportunity for folks who want to get their feet wet in CA Politics and have an impact on Public Education.


Staffing the candidate: Drive her to/from events, meetings, and interviews. Keep notes of what she says, whom she speaks with, and make sure attendees have all the information they need about the campaign

Research: This will be mostly computer based: Finding out about the other candidates, keeping abreast of educational developments, and monitoring other websites. Assisting with questionnaires.

Field Work: Representing the campaign at community events without the candidate. Working with the Field Director on targeting; building a relationship with local leaders.

Fund Raising: Helping the candidate make calls for money; organizing meet and greets in the district, and fundraisers.

Social Media: Working with our Web Master on keeping our website fresh; update Facebook and twitter and working with Press and Publicity to get out the word about our events.

Press & Publicity: Handling a weekly on line newsletter, helping fund raiser with getting out the word about events, and keep abreast of issues in the local press.

Interns will also work with the volunteer coordinator and when time allows will do some precinct walking and make phone calls.

The number of hours and days are very flexible. Evenings and weekends are always busier.


We need at least 6 interns. There will be times when the interns will need to work as a team! we need women and men who can use their initiative, and who have a real desire to help us win the campaign.

- Possess skills at assessing issues, defining solutions, and implementing strategy
- Perform well in environment that values leadership, dependability, and organization
- Be self directing
- Some of our interns must be Spanish speaking

Our interns will assist our Campaign Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, and Field Director:

Areas of Activity:

Staffing the candidate (Must have car and insurance. Mileage).
Oppositional Research
Field Work in the District - N.E. San Fernando Valley
Fund Raising
Social Media
Press & Publicity

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