AFLAC Seeks College Students for Associate Training Program

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This unique Training Program offers an intense program that prepares candidates for a professional career. AFLAC’s comprehensive training combined with hands on field experience, creates long term positons and residual income.


The program is broken down into three distinct and equal segments.

1/3 Classroom Training & Certification
• Tax Code Certification
• Sales & Marketing Training
• Enrollment Certification
• Professional Licensing
• Professional Development Seminars
• Strategic Marketing Training— “Working With the Who’s Who in the Los Angeles Business Community
• Master “Top Down” Selling

1/3 Field Training & Observation
• Witness Meetings with area professional (CEO’s CFO’s, Controllers, CPA’s, Banks, etc.
• Observe Strategic Marketing and Development interaction
• Participate in enrollments
• money through lucrative commissions
• Stock Bonuses
• Trips to exotic location, i.e. Cancun, Hawaii, New York

1/3 Marketing & Market Development
“Choose Your Method”
• Non-telemarketing-“Unconventional Marketing”
• Referral Development
• Interpersonal Contact
• Telemarketing-
Los Angeles’ Top Marketing Strategy”
• Learn Communication Techniques invaluable for persuasion over the phone

How To Apply

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