Accenture Internship Programs

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Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Discover what a consulting career is really like while you are still in school, with an internship at Accenture. As an intern, you will have first-hand exposure to the duties and responsibilities of an entry-level consulting analyst in the Consulting labor force.
Accenture offers internships in a number of locations around the world. Usually lasting between 10 – 12 weeks, you may partake in client or internal activities where information systems and business skills are fostered and combined to help organizations efficiently utilize technology for competitive advantage.


Your assignments may include:
* Defining user requirements
* Programming
* Coding and testing applications
* Analyzing, designing and implementing business process improvements
* Project administration
* Researching work on a proposal
* Developing an array of technology-based solutions to improve business performance-from interactive, virtual technologies to object-oriented, client/server and Internet applications
* Developing training and talent & organization performance management programs


Accenture welcomes interns from a gambit of educational programs including Computer Science, Engineering, Management Information Systems, Business, Math and Natural Science. You must adore technology and have prior technical and programming aptitude and knowledge. We look for demonstrated leadership abilities, quantitative and diagnostic skills, along with an outstanding academic background.

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