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goMonti/Voltage Leadership
1420 3rd Street, SW
Roanoke, VA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid

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Internship Opportunity with goMonti at Voltage Leadership Consulting

What: Voltage Leadership offers coaching services to individuals at all levels of management. Investing in a company’s top talent is essential in today’s competitive marketplace. Strong leadership can minimize errors and increase profitability and growth potential. Voltage Leadership Consulting offers various programs to help company’s reach their full potential!

GoMonti is a cutting-edge custom training/coaching tool that rapidly interacts with leaders, staff or clients several times a week. Set to exact specifications, this interactive, automated assistant will take vital information that has just been taught and boost leaders, staff or clients’ recall factor of that critical information. Studies have proven that in one day we lose 50% of what was learned, unless there is a way to trigger that recall. Monti triggers it several times a week by sending out customized messages through texting designed to stimulate memory and educate again on what was just taught. Thousands of dollars of training and education are being put into memory by goMonti. Reports are provided which track leaders, staff or clients’ retention level of material and gives key data on how they are applying it in the workplace.

Who: We are looking for an intelligent motivated individual that is experienced with computer and IT programs. This individual must feel comfortable with jumping right in to this system and learning as much as they can about goMonti as soon as possible. He/she will be responsible for managing the goMonti account throughout the entire summer, which is an essential part of the Voltage Leadership Consulting Company. GoMonti is a fairly new system, but is rapidly growing by the day. We are receiving more users and interested companies each day, therefore the job requires time and persistence to keep up with the growing program.

This is a paid internship and will look wonderful on any resume, especially those interested in pursuing a career in Communication’s, IT and Business.

Where: Our office is currently located at 1420 3rd Street, SW Roanoke, VA 24016. Intern will work directly with the Communications Coordinator, who will be at the office working and assisting them each day.

When: This internship will start immediately upon hire and last until August 2013. Weekly hours, work flexibility and length of internship may be negotiable and can be discussed during the interview process.

If interested please email with your resume and a brief paragraph about yourself, including why you believe you are the best candidate for this internship. Questions may be answered at 540-798-1963.

More information on goMonti can be found at
More information on Voltage Leadership Consulting can be found at


Manage a computer based text messaging system for our Voltage Leadership Consulting clients. Manage nationwide accounts for small and large scale companies. Develop personal relationships with clients through personalized messages. Analyze and report data to the CEO, CFO's and managers of nationwide companies. Work directly with the Communications Coordinator, assisting in any way needed.


Must be at least Junior status in good standing at an accredited four year university. Would prefer a recent college graduate that could serve as a potential full-time job candidate after completion of internship. Must have realible transportation each day to and from work. Must be on time and present during work each day. Must be self-motivated and a very fast learner. Must not be afraid to take risks and take on challenges.

This is a tough and competitive job market to work in, thus this internship will make an intern a highly valuable job candidate after graduation.

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