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The Ambassador intern is a crucial part of an organized team with the exciting task of enrolling Time to Save Provider partners and Saver partners throughout the world. The Ambassador intern is someone who is driven by the Cause to educate and empower Time to Save members by providing them with financial education; to make a positive difference in small communities throughout the world by helping to create a much needed resurgence of small business; to helping charities to generate funds in perpetuity to support their own cause; and to building the world’s largest philanthropic foundation ever imagined!


Benefits to the Ambassador Intern:

Gain experience working for a philanthropic foundation.
Learn master level sales and communication skills during training, and through application in the field.
Work with like minded entrepreneurs, self starters, passionate business people as part of the Time to Save Mastermind.
Receive free copies of Napoleon Hill’s Laws of Success, and Chuck Householder’s Selling on the Extra Mile.
Earn a letter of recognition from the CEO of Time to Save.
Potential to earn scholarships, cash rewards, and prizes for results.

Internship duration: 150 hours

If you have any questions please contact Alice at


Intern job details:

Learn about Time to Save, its purpose, benefits, and delivery methods through the website, videos, and webinar.
Become a Time to Save member.
Invite all of your natural market to join Time to Save.
Enroll local merchants into the Time to Save program.
Participate in school events, and clubs sharing Time to Save with your classmates.
Reach out to the leadership at schools, local charities, and associations with the intent of enrolling them in Time to Save.

How To Apply

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