Assistant To The CEO

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Company Location: Hamden, CT
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Full-time, Unpaid

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The founder of a real estate investments company is looking for an intern for this project which began a few years ago. When she was 22 years old, she started her first company and four years later started her second company. The company was developed as an answer to a problem, trying to simplify local housing market and its inefficiencies. After years of research, trial and error, and sweat equity we are reaching the people of New Haven County with growing power and frequency. We are operating a business unlike any other in this amazing county using a new business model which has huge growth potential both in this area and beyond. We are looking toward the future and where the real estate market is moving and need an intelligent hard working individual to help us achieve our goals.


** Contact FSBOs (for sale by owner), landlords advertising apartments and for rent property owners.
** Contact Real Estate Agents for interviews...
** Participate in brainstorming sessions on how to continue to grow and improve the company
** Maintaining and assisting with current marketing promotions and initiatives.
** Hiring other interns to assist you in your business activities
** Creating and updating a comprehensive database.
** Testimonial Program Development in support of new business initiatives.
** Tracking, analyzing and developing metrics for user behavior as well as advertising platform performance.
** This position will require some office tasks and extensive phone use.



Are you a superstar with a can do attitude, step up and take our challenge!


** Building a business within a business, learn what is involved in being a CEO of your own company: Planning, decisiveness , hiring the right people, delegation of tasks and selling.
** Despite what many Universities may think, Entrepreneurship is nearly impossible to "teach" in a classroom. This company, its founders, and the business model behind it all epitomize entrepreneurship - seeing a problem in the marketplace and coming up with a new solution. You will be immersed in entrepreneurship, its fundamentals, and the thought processes that go along with it.
** Attend all events - gain real world business experience from young guys making moves and building a business from the ground up!
**Being involved in a successful company you will network and make many connections in an industry that was developed by relationships and connections.
** We want to have you take on real tasks and responsibilities, if you just want to sit back and send faxes and make copies you need not apply we are looking for someone who really wants to learn and utilize their existing skill set to move this company forward.

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