Assistant to President/CEO - iPhone/Android App Company!

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We are one of the fastest growing Mobile Application Developers in the World. We make amazing Apps for iPhone, Android, iPad and HTML5 for businesses in every industry. While other companies charge $20,000 or more for an app, we only charge between $495 for individuals and $1495 for businesses! Yes, that's it!

This is the future. Every business that has a website is going to need their own Mobile App - and we are the company that will provide it for them.

Our business is booming, and we are looking for a dedicated intern that will work with the President/CEO as his assistant.

This is your opportunity to work with a proven leader that has achieved success in numerous industries. You will gain insight into how successful entrepreneurs work, be able to help grow the company, make recommendations, assist and contribute to all of the processes required to grow a company from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000, and become a key member of the team. While this is not a paid position at this time, there may be opportunities to travel, eat at nice restaurants, meet key business leaders and work with numerous industries. You will play a vital role in the future of technology and social media, as well as understand how to design Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android, iPad and HTML5.


You will work directly with the President/CEO, and be given tasks required to accomplish the day to day operations of a multi-million dollar company. From internal work in the office to working outside the office at key events and gatherings, you will get a fantastic opportunity to see and do things, other people could only imagine. The skills and insight you will gain from this position are "priceless."

You will also be able to refer any person or business that would like an App, and will be given a very large referral fee, once the App is purchased.


*Must be able to meet and work with President/CEO in person at least 3 days per week, for at least 3 hours per day. Other work may be able to be done from home, but as the assistant to the President/CEO, it is essential that you are available and take this seriously. The location is in Downtown San Diego, and you must be able to drive to the location and have your own car.

*Must be able to take direction, and work hard when presented with a deadline.
*Must be able to handle multiple tasks at a time and have multi-tasking skills.
*Must pay attention to detail.
*Must be a "people" person.
*Must have a team attitude.
*Must be willing to learn new skills and take criticism (essential if you want to grow).
*Must have a desire to enhance their knowledge.

Other Skills of value:
Ability to use PhotoShop. (be able to resize, optimize for web, etc.)
Ability to create process/flow diagrams.

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