Assistant to Rolling Strong Master Fitness Trainer

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Rolling Strong
400 Birmingham Avenue
Chattanooga, TN
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Rolling Strong's company’s mission started with and will always be about providing the professional driver with solutions to stay healthy so they can drive in good health and return home safely to those who are counting on them. We provide services such as health screenings, nutritional counseling, fitness on the road education, free classes, phone coaching, gym memberships discounts, supplement discounts, etc. The DOT has strict rules about blood pressure and glucose levels, so we take the steps necessary to help drivers be aware of what their readings are BEFORE they go in for their physical so they can keep their DOT card as long as possible. If they do not have acceptable levels, they either go home and work with their doctor, or they participate in a program called ReBuilt by Rolling Strong. This is a 30 day (rehab or boot camp we call it) program where they exercise and educate twice a day, have homework, learn how to eat and live healthier on the road, etc. After these 30 days are up, their levels are usually back to acceptable and they can get back to driving and making money.
We partner with various companies to assist us in reaching our goals. For ex: Kroger pharmacy provides free monthly check ups, Bayer gives us glucose monitors to give to drivers, discounts from Pilot/Flying J Subways, SNAP gym memberships, and much more. We are installing small fitness centers at truck stops too! Most companies that work with us install a health check station that is accessible to all and can measure weight, blood pressure, BMI, vision and hydration levels.


This position will vary from day to day depending on many things. The intern will help with any drivers that are enrolled in the ReBuilt by Rolling Strong program by assisting in their daily workout and education. They will consult with drivers in general who are needing information on Health and Wellness by taking blood pressures, talk about how to stay fit in this very unhealthy profession, show exercises they can do out on the road with their own body weight, talk about eating healthy, learn how to do grocery store tours, etc. They will also create bulletin boards and flyers, assist with Lunch N Learns, assist in Health Fairs, Driver Appreciation Day, Safety Blitzs, and Orientation for new drivers. They will be involved in some special Rolling Strong events that may occur outside of Covenant Transport. There may be some public speaking involved. If they are certified to teach any fitness classes we may have them do that. Or, it may be as simple as creating email lists and posting healthy tips and workouts on our FaceBook. They will help promote Rolling Strong and all that we do. Our responsibilities and tasks change and grow every day.


I would like to find someone who is getting their degree in Exercise Science/Wellness/Recreation/Sports Management, etc. They need to have excellent people skills and the desire to help others. They need to have a outgoing, positive attitude...especially when they are confronted with a negative attitude as we do see this occasionally. Drivers think its impossible to be healthy in this job, but it is our job to educate and change their thought processes.
A history of sports and/or fitness would be helpful. They must be open minded and creative as Rolling Strong is continuously developing new programs and fine tuning what we already have in place.
This may be part time or full time.

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