Associate to the Director of Outreach

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Team IMPACT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization chartered to improve the quality of life for children facing life-threatening illnesses. Core to our model is establishing an unparalleled, team-based support system for the child and family, by matching them with college athletic teams. The result is an extended support network from which the child can derive more caring, laughter, strength and support. For each and every member of the participating athletic team, the experience provides inspiration and perspective. Team IMPACT is a rapidly growing organization that is expanding geographically and we are looking for bright, driven and responsible individuals with strong written and verbal communications skills to round out our team for the spring semester.

Essential Functions:
• This position involves maintaining an active dialogue with our current roster of medical and athletic ambassadors and advisors and to continually strengthen and grow our network in an effort to maintain their interest and active participation.
• This position will involve research and database maintenance of medical facilities and key medical constituents in preparation for the growth and expansion of regions beyond New England and the northeast.
• This position will involve research and communication of athletic departments facilities and key athletic ambassadors in preparation for the growth and expansion of regions beyond New England and the northeast.
• Play an integral role in the development and execution of e-mail marketing campaigns focused on the expansion of our medical/athletic networks into new geographies.
• Draft and edit written correspondence to medical professionals, athletic departments and key community ambassadors. For the right candidates, the role can involve making presentations to staff members at hospitals, colleges and other events throughout the year.
• It will involve leveraging your personal network of students/family/friends to help extend our outreach efforts in terms of identifying both prospective athletic teams and eligible children.
• Participate in ‘Draft Days’ in order to capture content (pictures and videos) and further develop relationships with program participants.
• It will involve helping with social media maintenance and updates to continually improve our exposure through social networks.
• Update and maintain database (ETAPESTY)/content management systems
• Various office duties as assigned by Team IMPACT staff


The Associate to the Director Outreach will play an integral role in expanding and cultivating our network of medical ambassadors and advisors. The medical network is comprised of Certified Child Life Specialists, Pediatric Social Workers, Nurses and Palliative Care professionals in medical facilities throughout New England and the northeast. The primary goal is to expand awareness of and interest in Team IMPACT in order to increase the number of referrals to eligible and deserving children and families. Additionally, on the athletic side we must constantly work with administration, coaches and players to maintain their interest and work to make quick matches with the teams. This person will assist in stewarding the ‘matches’ made between the child and their athletic teams; ensuring that expectations are being met and that meaningful bonds are being formed.

There will be other daily tasks assigned as needed but ideally we need a 5-tool player to step in and offer 40 hours a week helping maintain and expanding our outreach efforts.


• Ideal candidates will be highly motivated, flexible, coachable, resourceful and resilient and function well in a fast-paced, collaborative team environment.
• Outstanding written and verbal communication skills are essential
• Strong analytical and research skills with the ability to pay attention to detail.
• Must be a self-starter comfortable in working both independently and as part of a team
• Graphic and visual presentation development skills
• Working knowledge of Microsoft applications and database applications
• Knowledge of various social media platforms and functions

• Leadership and project management skills and abilities
• Writing/journalism skills in order to craft stories that capture the essence of a Team IMPACT relationship.
• Photo/video/journalism skills and experience to include video editing and production (i.e. iMovie)

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