Autism Internship and Volunteer Opportunity

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Autism Foundation of the Carolinas (AFC) is proud to offer the University Autism Outreach Program (UAOP). This unique program’s goal is to connect college students seeking practical experience working with children with autism in our local community. This one-on-one approach can improve the quality of life of these affected children in so many ways. Students who are enrolled full-time at the university and are seeking an internship, practicum or clinical hours as part of their coursework are eligible. Students who want to volunteer for this program may do so with the endorsement of an appropriate Department Chairperson. Students of any major are encouraged to join the Program.


Interns/Volunteers will travel to a child's home or an approved community location (i.e. YMCA, library, child's school, etc.) and work with them 1:1 on any of the following:

• Community integration –playgrounds, movies, libraries, post office, etc
• Language/speech development – pictures schedules, use of language, etc.
• Applied behavior analysis – behavior management
• Academic skills and tutoring – basic reading, writing, math, etc.
• Independent living skills – dressing, hygiene, kitchen skills, etc
• Play skills – games, recreation, imaginary play, etc.
• Sensory integration – managing stressful environments (sensory overload)


• Be at least 18 years of age
• Be able to speak and understand English well enough to communicate clearly with the program director, the child and the child’s family
• Current enrollment in participating University and Internship Program or Volunteer with Endorsement of Department Chairperson
• Have no record of criminal conviction
• Have own source of reliable transportation
• Be dependable, prompt, interested in helping others, sensitive to different backgrounds and cultures, respectful of confidentiality, patient, and optimistic

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