BUSINESS/FINANCIALS INTERN needed at The Women's Spirit Center on Montana Avenue

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The Women's Spirit Center-the place to BE:

Seeking an independant- thinking, creative, confident, hard working woman with a Business/ Financials major to spearhead a grassroots inspiring and healing venture for Women.
Duration: FALL 2011 (September- December)- and if you love us so much- Fall 2011-Fall 2012!!
The Women's Spirit Center envisions a World where Wellbeing is nurtured in a supported awareness of mind, Body and Spirit.

Work in an atmosphere of postive energy, entreprenureal thinking and networking, and balanced living. Provide yourself with on- the ground real time experience with starting a new business, client relationships, and seeing new opportunities in all economic waves. Be given the liberty to use your credentials to the fullest extent with guidance and at the same time with much freedom in terms of the way you decide to complete the job. This will be a definite win- win- win venture for the appropriate candidate.

Come join our awesome team, get great things done and get great experience!


Job Description: To position the organization in terms of finanancial sustainability and abundance to be put into further projects and programming to acheive our dream, vision, mission, and purpose.

To perform market research regarding our envisioned programming and assist in zeroing in on the specific programming that will best serve the needs of our target audiences.

To create systems of donations and costs effective ordering of our regularly needed items for the upkeep of the center in order to be cost effective.

Result: To be a financially sustainable institution by January 2012.


Financials/ Business Major

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