Birthing New Beginnings Internship Program (BNBIP)

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A Better Chance for Females,Inc
Company Location: Baltimore, MD
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 15 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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BNBIP is an offspring of A Better Chance for Females, Inc. We provide services for girls by empowering them to learn ways of dealing with many obstacles in life that maybe confusing and they do not understanding how to deal with this obstacles in the suitable manner, what to do and why these things are happening to them. As they may feel that they are the only ones experiencing these obstacles in life. BNBIP helps these girls to set an atmosphere for themselves to see that in their eyes are more than their present situation but to understand and see that they have a new beginning within themselves.

BNBIP has partnered with Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice, A Better Chance for Females, Inc., Birthing New Beginnings Management (building new business; charter school and online counseling for girls) Our primary root is to assist girls in the juvenile detention centers and those who are on probation as well as girl who are at-risk of becoming apart of the juvenile justice system.

The interns will be working with a variety of projects that fits their needs and wants that are committed to advancing their pathways for a successful career in life.

So, if you want to get college credits and build your work experience by building your skills and advancing in your career goals; BNIP are looking for motivate and energetic interns who are ready to be hands-on while working in their major. We are offering several positions that line up to meet your needs and wants through this life experience as an intern. We will be offering college credits t interns as they complete the program.

We are looking for juniors, seniors and recent graduate who wants to get an experience that will enhance their career move while helping girls reach their fullest potential in life.

Time Commitment: Year-round and Summer Interns are available.


Interns are required to work and meet 40-50% of the time by webcam if needed. Webcam is a free service that can be set-up.

Willing to meet at designated site locations for sessions, projects, meetings and special events.

Required to attend weekly meetings at designated site. Partake in mandatory trainings 3 to 4 times a week.

Required to complete projects and attend any special meetings as well as crunch time meetings to complete task at designated site.

Interns will initial mandatory training and ongoing training for assigned intern duties. They are expected to:
a. attend individual and group sessions for girls as assigned.
b. write up reports
c. work on assigned projects.
d. Attend 2-3 hours of trainings weekly (4-5 days)
e. 1 hours evaluation of assigned projects and duties assigned.
f. 1 hour group sessions and 1 hour individual sessions (1-3 days a week as assigned)
g. All other duties assigned

Interns will have flexible work hours. Interns need to be willing to learn all aspects of the organization, be open minded and leadership role.

Available Interns Position Considered:
1. Adolescent Coordinators: work directly with girls and other projects that surround their empowerment needs. All interns will partake in this training
2. Web Design- Marketing - Public Relations and field of communications
3. Intern Management: start- up, non-profit and profit, and finance
4. Research: grant writing, statistics, policies and procedures
5. Journal: creative writing, copy write, publishing, and book thoughts etc.
6. Special Projects: Fundraising, conferences and workshops donors, event planning, etc.
7. Administrative Duties
8. Counseling: assessments, evaluation and recommendations

All interns will be assigned to specific duties; we all will be team players in all aspects of duties. Cross Training will be our major objective during your Intern.


Candidates are expected to have a strong desire to develop professionally , understand and commitment to principles of their career path. We prefer students who are current students and/or have less than 2 years of work experience since their most recent degree.

Majors: Psychology, Business and Accounting, Early Childhood Development, Social Work, Human Services, Non-Profit Management and Criminal Justice Majors. All other majors are welcome to apply if willing to explore other fields of studies combined with their fields of study.

Application Details: All candidates are required to submit info. below to:
1. Resume
2. 3 References ( 1 including school ex. professor, advisor, etc.)
3. How does BNBIP relate to your career in the aspect that you want to work? (100 words or less)
4. Transcript (copy)
5. What do you hope to gain by participating in this program's professional education sessions? (100 words or less)
6. From your academic and work related experiences, describe a difficult work or academic project that you recently completed. What made the project difficult and its results? ( 200 words or less)

Successful candidates will be contacted for phone interview and if you go on to next round you will have webcam interview or face to face interview. Once accepted into BNBIP, interns will be required to do fingerprint and background check, orientation and training. Trainings varies on specific intern positions.

Need to have reliable transportation to get to job site and meetings. Laptops or home computers are needed with internet to complete assignments and check daily messages from Georgia and Maryland site locations.

Laptops w/ internet, webcam, and have computer experience.

At time of your time of internship you have to be in Baltimore Maryland and surrounding areas or willing to travel as at this time we are not offering housing.

How To Apply

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