Botanist Internship

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In the Botanist internship you will specialize in the study of plants. You will study the development, physiology, heredity, environment, distribution, anatomy, morphology, and economic value of plants. This can be applied in such fields as agronomy, forestry, horticulture, and pharmacology, in which this internship will prepare you for. Students who have a liking for subjects like biology, physics, and chemistry will excel as a botanist.


-Identify and classify plants
-Investigate environment of plant communities
-Note effect of rainfall, temperature, climate, soil, and elevation on plant life from seed to matured plants
-Study behavior, structure, development, genetics, and properties of plants
-Use scientific equipment
-Communicate with other team members
-Other related duties


-Attention to detail
-Strong communication skills, written and verbal
-Good concentration and patience
-Love for the outdoors and nature
-Must be studying biology, chemistry, and/or physics

How To Apply

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