Broadcast Engineer Intern

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Provide Engineering assistance to Broadcast Engineer on duty for The Urban View. Through a mentoring model, the applicant will gain hands-on experience in supporting, troubleshooting, and maintaining diverse technologies including Broadcast systems, Broadcast networks, and audio/visual support.


-maintaining specialist equipment for video production, broadcast and satellite transmission, and interactive media;
-setting up and monitoring audiovisual links between units in different locations;
installing and testing new facilities and equipment;
-setting up and operating editing facilities in post-production suites;
analyzing and rectifying technical faults on equipment and systems;
-minimizing loss of service at times of equipment failure by rapidly identifying and -implementing alternative methods of service provision;
-keeping abreast of constant changes in technology by investigating new systems, techniques and equipment - especially new internet technologies;
-setting up and operating equipment and transmission links during outside broadcasts;
designing and installing custom audiovisual circuits;
repairing hardware, software and other broadcast technology systems;
designing and manufacturing new circuits, hardware and systems;
-developing and using awareness of best practice in health and safety for the workplace;
interpreting and implementing instructions and requests from producers, directors and other colleagues;
-communicating effectively with members of one's own and other teams and project members;
-keeping up to date with the industry by building and maintaining a network of contacts.


Must be 18 years old
15 hours each week
3 month minimum Must required
Must be willing to travel to Long Island City
Must be available on assigned show film/broadcast days each week

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