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Kick start your creative career

Are you a creative graduate who is finding it hard to get a job? Have you attended job interviews only to be told you’ve been unsuccessful because you have no work experience? Have you then tried to gain some experience but found there is none to be had? It’s a frustrating loop to be caught in. You can often feel like you’re being swept away in a whirlpool of unemployment doom! Well, fear not – the GKBC Academy offers a solution to your problem.

Whether you’re an artist, animator, designer, photographer, video maker or anything in between, we offer a unique opportunity, giving you the chance to gain some valuable work experience to add to your CV. Running alongside our big sister, the GKBC Writer Academy, the GKBC Creative Academy enables you to increase your employability by being involved in creative projects at a professional level. Your portfolio will grow, as will your chance of acquiring a job (there’s even a possibility you will end up working with us!).


use our creative projects to improve your employability

There are many benefits to joining the GKBC Creative Academy. They include:

A variety of employment opportunities for those who show star potential
Having your creative work published online and gaining valuable work experience
Regular creative assignments to fit in around your studies and other commitments
No commitment, no cost – a completely flexible arrangement
Making your work available to a much wider audience
Constructive feedback and support from the in-house experts at GKBC
Where possible, you will receive a credit for published work – when this is not an option, we will be happy to give you written confirmation of your involvement in our projects for you to show potential employers
You will develop an impressive portfolio of professional work
A reference from us confirming your regular contribution for potential employers
Regular training sessions and one-to-one feedback for consistent high quality contributors (optional)
Participation in an exclusive creative community
The content you create will be used professionally. In addition to this, we will promote the content through the GKBC website, social media and our network of quality contacts.

The better the content you produce, the more chances you will have of gaining the type of exposure you require to get a job. Generating top quality creative content is key to building a professional portfolio and personal online brand.

How To Apply

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