Chief Sidekick (Business)

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Do You…
1) Want to be Hero?
2) Have a passion for transforming lives through your creations?
3) Want to join a startup and make things happen in this world?
If so, then read on my friend...

To help make employees healthy, we provide simple, fun, rewarding solutions to companies. We do this through a simple, fun cloud based social game that rewards employees with gifts for getting healthy.

Job Description

The Chief Superhero Officer & Chief Revenue Officer is currently seeking a dynamic, motivated super intern interested in gaining some practical experience in leveraging their marketing, sales, and operational skills to help people become healthy in the most fun, simple, and rewarding way possible. The position
begins (ideally -- we're flexible) in early January and goes through the end of June 2013. This unpaid internship requires a commitment of a minimum of 15 - 20 hours per week and offers a student-friendly flexible schedule; hours can be worked remotely, and -- per agreement of a reliable schedule at any time
during the day, including weekends. In addition to a number of perks: personal health improvement, self-development & transformation, valuable contacts etc — interns will have an opportunity to earn a permanent position pending Health Hero becomes funded or independently profitable. You will be supported by a knowledgeable team that is motivated to help you succeed. Growth potential is unlimited. This position reports to the Chief Superhero Officer. Interested parties should email CV & Resume to with the title “I want to be a Hero”


What You Will Accomplish
• Provide sales, marketing, operations, product and communications support
• Conduct outbound marketing and sales including assisting in key company document creation
such as sales material, brochure creation, business documents, and standard operating procedures
• Setup a social framework & personality for Health Hero, including creating ~3 blog posts a week
with specific targeted keywords
• Work with the team to update daily the Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook including engaging readers
and followers on social media channels
• Aggregate user feedback & benchmark data to improve the user experience for the Health Hero
product & provide product testing, pre/post release
• Contact potential partners, sales leads, affiliates, advisors, and team


Super Powers Required
• Positive attitude & persuasive personality
• Drive to help sales force hit their sales goals
• Punctual and dependable
• Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
• Has great all around health habits
• Wants to make meaning in their life by helping to transform others
• Into games, super heroes, ninjas, zombies (and other fun geeky stuff)
• Driven, self-motivated and goal-oriented.

How To Apply

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