Chrome OS Integration Intern

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Intel Corporation
Hillsboro, OR
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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The Intel Open Technology Center (OTC) is looking for an intern to integrate ChromeOS with the latest Intel platforms and technologies.

You'll help ChromeOS achieve maximum performance and minimal power usage, enable hardware support for Intel CPUs, chipsets, and graphics, and come up with creative ways to make ChromeOS shine on Intel platforms, including novel uses of Intel technologies.

You'll be working with the entire Linux and ChromeOS stack, including the Linux kernel and drivers, X, Mesa, OpenGL, rendering, video, audio, and the Chrome browser itself.

Some roles responsibilities include:

- Strong breadth of technical experience, with a vast mental index of possibilities and solutions.
- Strong and rapid code reading/searching/forensics.
- Detective-style debugging of complex whole-stack issues.
- Rapid ramping and learning on new technologies or components as needed to meet customer requirements and integration tasks.

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Skills required:

Currently pursuing a MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent degree program. Candidate must have 6+ months of work or educational experience with the following:
- Experience developing in a Linux and Open Source environment.
- Knowledge of git patch manipulation, forensics, and backporting/forward-porting.
- Strong technical communication skills with proven experience using them in an Open Source development environment, including mailing lists, IRC, bug-tracking systems, and git commit messages

Skills preferred:

- Experience contributing to the Linux kernel.
- Knowledge of git patch manipulation, forensics, and backporting/forward-porting.
- Experience working with a developer-run Agile/Scrum model.
- ChromeOS/ChromiumOS development experience or Chrome browser development experience.
- Specific technologies: Gerrit, Gentoo Portage and ebuilds, Python, shell scripting, Makefiles

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