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We are a small company in Beverly Hills, CA that develops high technology for several different industries. We develop technology that others have attempted to before, but failed. Our interest is in projects that are based on technology that has never been developed before. We are looking for someone that is eager to learn, think out of the box, and develop his/her programming and problem solving skills. The intern will have to be comfortable in diving into something he/she has never done before, and finding a solution. We are a learning environment where we value hands on learning.


To dive into new tech projects. You will be given little tasks surrounding a project which may be related to something you have never done before (ie: computer vision, motion capture, etc.) and you will have to find a solution to a problem.


All applicants must have either extensive CS and related coursework, or should be able to provide an impressive showcase of code.

We are open minded when it comes to applicants, but we very selective.

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