CollegeFeed Campus Ambassador

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Company Location: Mountain View, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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We're a passionate team of ex Google/MIT/Stanford veterans, building a service that revolutionizes how college students find a career of their dreams. Think speed dating instead of arranged marriage. The collegefeed platform helps you showcase your best talents to 1000s of great companies directly without the need for job boards and recruiters. Its just you, and the people that matter at great companies. Go shine.


The Responsibilities:
Be on-the-ground representative for collegefeed and actively promote it within your campus - you are the on-campus goto person for collegefeed team
Drive momentum for collegefeed events and activities using a variety of marketing tactics such as emailing people, posting on various facebook groups/timelines, twitter, tumblr, campus publications, posters ..etc
Regularly host events/workshops for collegefeed on your campus and promote collegefeed in all campus events
Conduct product usability studies as needed and get feedback/ideas on product - help shape the product for yourself and your fellow students!
Expect to work 7-10 hours per week during school year.

The Perks:
You're REALLY special for us - we will use our vast networks to help you get your dream internship or job when you graduate. So think that your career is set!
Ownership / Equity in collegefeed!
Opportunity to work with some really smart and accomplished people!
Opportunity to network with nationwide campus ambassadors!
Experience working for a super fast pace startup
Lots of goodies - t-shirts, candy, contests with insane awards…


About You:
You are a natural leader and influencer - a true people person!
You are actively involved on your campus - active in more than 5 email lists, active on social media (facebook/twitter/tumblr)
You host and attend events for students - often in short notice
You are creative, energetic, extroverted individual who will just get things done
You are in your 2nd or 3rd year in college
You are passionate about collegefeed and helping fellow students succeed!

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