Communication Intern

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*Writing articles and press releases
*Writing social media updates
*Participating in social media strategy sessions
*Performing research
*Shadowing company reporter on site and event visits
*Search engine optimization
*Searching for success stories at corps locations for publication
*Assisting in interview and video process.

P.S Duties will vary from intern to intern. Photoshop and InDesign knowledge is a plus. Please provide writing samples with resume and references.
Internships to last 150 hours with varying shifts from 2-5 days per week.


*Write effective copy, excelling in correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
*Use alternate forms of communication (including graphic arts), resulting in improved interactions.
*Edit and proof other team members work and provide constructive feedback


*Possess skills at initiating innovative ideas, unifying team members, and judging correctly what will appeal to target audiences.
* Prefer challenges that involve communication, are people-oriented, promote networking and socializing, and include roles that call for imagination.

How To Apply

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