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Us: helps people to find all kinds of instructors and classes in everything: tennis, yoga, flying, piano, French, and so on. We have offices in San Francisco and Palo Alto. Visit

You: Build a community. We'll give you a list (blogs, Twitter accts, etc.) of key people. These people are leading people in (for example) language instruction. You'll engage with them to increase awareness and visibility. Reach out to them by email and Twitter, maintain conversation, answer questions.


- Post to our blog, FB page, LinkedIn groups, and our Twitter account.
- Monitor postings to blogs, FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Respond or retweet. If appropriate, forward to the team.
- Look for new tools and apps.
- Post about interesting events, conferences, news, and so on.


- Write and reply in a friendly, chatty style (most important)
- You're fairly familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube
- Interested in startups, Silicon Valley, education
- Interested in social media

Training: You should be generally familiar with FB, Twitter, blogs, etc. We will teach you everything else. You'll work with some of the top Silicon Valley people in SEO, PPC, and social.

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