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Company Location: Los Angeles, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Full-time, Unpaid

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We’re looking for people to work in editorial! Being a start-up, we’re looking for creative people willing to put in time and effort. Please be advised that all positions listed are UNPAID. At the moment, we are only accepting those with tumblr blogs. Note that we are a close-knit staff and are expected to be able to work closely with each other. All questions and submissions must be submitted to this blog!


Editorial Description:

Those is editorial are responsible for writing, editing, shooting, illustrating, or designing for both online and print.

Writers: Writers are responsible for helping with story research and writing story assignments. After receiving your assignment(s), writers will interview and send stories out to the editors by given a given deadline. Since INDEP is still growing, writers will also be act as copy editors for other writers. Strong writing skills, great communication skills, and persistence are required for this position.

Photographers: Photographers will keep in touch with writers to create visual representation of assigned stories through photography and work closely with designers. Photographers must know basics of photography and are preferred to have had some background in the field.

Designers: Designers are in charge of developing text, illustrations, and photos into It’s the goal of the designer to develop all text, illustrations, and spreads for both print and online. Expertise in InDesign and Photoshop is not required, but preferred.

Illustrators: Illustrators will create visuals to accompany stories along with/without photos and must be able to work with designers.

Videographers: Videographers will be in charge of filming interviews and events to accompany stories or be posted exclusively online.


Applicants must have a passion for writing and researching about current and upcoming trends.

It is preferred that applicants be familiar with Tumblr and WordPress.

Resume is not required but preferred.

Please send in links to work examples (blogs, photographs, articles, videos, etc.).

How To Apply

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