Content Intern -- Virtual & Upaid (12-24 hours/week)

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Exciting stealth startup site, founded by two industry leaders, needs an intern who can work independently with guidance.


You’ll be aggregating external content, authoring custom content, and scripting for video segments – according to an editorial schedule. If you are unfamiliar with startups, there will typically be more than what we’ve advertised (unexpected new work :)


We are working to secure office space and funding so initially you'll be working with one of us at a Starbucks or library -- or from your home with daily check-in. (We presume everyone has a cell phone and webcam these days).

--What You’ll Learn--

You will learn how to apply your classroom learning and inherent smarts to a business environment, including state of the art CMS (content management system). You will learn how to work with bosses who have very different senses of humor (one corny, one dry). And you’ll get to experience the ground floor of a company with a big vision, based in reality.

How To Apply

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