Corporate Business Liaison (Houston)

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CCG & Associates Entreprises, Inc.
Company Location: Richardson, TX
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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Candidates for this position will have completed a Bachelors Degree Program in Business Administration or closely related field. This individual will have at least 2 years prior experience in sales, customer service, and leadership experience. This is a contract position which will require a one year commitment with the contracted employee working 4 hours daily Monday - Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. CST - 6 p.m. CST. This is a 100% remote position and will require you have extensive computer and networking skills. Position requires a contract and is paid on a 100% commission based basis approximately $29,000 + per year based on part time hours. Pay is not guaranteed and is based on performance! Please do not apply if you do not live near Houston.


-Develop and maintain relationships with clients and potential clients through various networking systems such as social/business networks, telephone, email and other various communication means.
-Conduct meetings with potential clients via telephone to learn about the clients business needs
-Recommend CCG packages to the client based upon the information

-Email the package to the client for further review
-Review the package with the client explaining the benefits they will receive from the package and how they fulfill the needs outlined by the client in step 2
-Discuss the various payment options available for the client

-Schedule the client for the free consultation with the company CEO and the company attorney

-Draft proposals after the initial consultation for the client to review

-Follow up with the client after the proposal is sent to confirm they received the proposal, answer any final questions, and determine when the contract will be returned.


-Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or very closely related field.
-2 years of experience in sales.
-2 years experience in customer service.
-Ability to maintain the highest confidentiality in all aspects of job responsibilities

-Excellent oral and written communication skills with college courses taken in Communication & Writing (English 102 or Equivalent)

-Highly organized with a high level of attention to detail

-Proficient computer skills with a college course taken in Computer Applications or Microsoft Office Products or similar (must know how to use word processing, ppt, excel)

-Proven people skills

-Cooperative Team Leader Oriented Attitude

-Flexible Schedule

-Ability to work at least 4 hours daily M-F between 9 A.M. -6 P.M. CST.

-Ability to attend at least one weekly conference call
-Ability to work in a 100% remote environment with no face to face interaction

-4 references, one college instructor, one advisor/counselor, one former manager, one of your preference

-Must be located within 2 hour commute from Houston and be familiar with the metro area

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