Corporate Wellness Start up seeking versatile intern!!

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Kinema Fitness is a full service corporate wellness company that takes a very hands on approach to wellness. Kinema is a national company and works with all industries. Kinema sets it self apart with the team that they work with. All Kinema's instructors are motivational, educated, extremely inspiring and certified.

Kinema Fitness is seeking an intern that can help bring a creative element to some of its marketing programs. Help assist in project management, coordination with team members, admin and account management.

You may work locally, we just ask that you have the ability to be connected to the internet, work with word, excel, and power point.

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Marketing and Branding
Account Management
Social Media
Coordination with team members
Creative new campaigns
Develop internal programming


Kinema is looking for an intern that has a passion for health and wellness. We are seeking an intern that has a desire to work for a small company and see the growth potential of it. Kinema is looking for an individual that can think out of the box and come up with new and creative ideas to better the company. This internship will start off as an unpaid internship but can has the potential to develop into a more lucrative position. Loyalty is extremely important to our company.

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