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Our company, Awesome Efficiency, offers sustainable solutions and focuses on a handful of categories to achieve this: Energy Management at home, in the form of serious audits and weatherization/insulation fixes, as well as area partnerships with HVAC providers to engage where helpful; Energy Management at Commercial Properties and Businesses, in the form of Thermographic Inspection services for Preventative and Predictive Maintenance purposes and some efficiency audits and solutions; Process Improvements; and Sustainable Market Solutions/Implementation Plans for businesses.


Creative contributions, related to design, organization, tracking and/or drafting of frequently updated marketing collaterals. These are for the Awesome Efficiency company itself as well as client companies and professionals. Collaterals to include: brochures, booklets, brochures, card/bookmark/other item personalizations, promotional flyers and other related distribution materials, as well as online ad space, images to support consistently updated digital contents, websites, optimized pages, execution of varied digital marketing outlets as part of cohesive campaigns; can be involved in some word-smithing and crafting of key messages if skill and interest is there, along with client presentations, campaign planning, ongoing analysis and reportage. Similarly, if a student is all graphics (and web development), and another is all messaging and branding, we can split the assignments accordingly.

This work can be tallied by assignment. It is a great portfolio builder, and project assignments will be directed to help the student expand skill sets. 2-3 digital projects/month at minimum, with potential for more, each engaging several component tasks. Writing assignments may be as many as 5 originals/month of considerable detail, with smaller regular assignments. Agreeable point values/assignment, to be credited and cashed in each month.


Appropriate creative design/programming/writing skills include: MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML 5, CSS, WordPress, Javascript/JQuery, some PHP a plus, Ruby a plus, familiarity with screen printing technique and/or strong interest in engaging on occasion, desire to contribute ideas and pieces that present unique but cohesive solutions to the client and reliable gateways to new customers and pleased old customers, strong relationship with color; for wordsmith work - excellent knowledge and understanding of English grammar, inventive language usage that may come with this knowledge, sensitivity to cadence of sentences, strong and growing vocabulary and precision, thirst for meaty content and engaging/learning new material, able to distill broader topics into component segments, and then into factual tidbits - all while enumerating as much as possible - and work with digital graphics end to provide good visualizations/flow.

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