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What: We are an internet based website that uses three criteria to help individuals better understand themselves as well as others' multifaceted personality. We do not limit service to only single men and women, but are rather a service open to all individuals in all different situations and status’ of life. The intention is to encourage better relationships of all kinds, whether be it work, friends, or personal. To make new friends in an area that you just moved to. For married people that want to meet other couples to enjoy shared interests with. Or help those looking for love find their life partner.

Where: You are welcome to work from home as long as updates and questions are addressed on a daily basis.

When: Daily

Why: To improve brand exposure and reputation.


- Coordinate online creatives
-create banner ads
-manage/grow gift shop
-design flyers, rack cards, etc

- Collaborate with the Business Development coordinator
- Research and suggest ideas regarding marketing and other opportunities


- Provide links to current designs/portfolio that you have already created
- Possess skills in presentation and photo creation/manipulation software
- Have creativity and an artistic sense

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