Design intern for high end Women's Contemp

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A little about us: We are a Womens clothing manufacture. We have full
staff designing their own samples from the 20,000+ fabric choices
available in the warehouse here in Downtown, LA. We are a major
company with over 200 employees world wide, with full facilities here
at the headquarters. We hope to bring your ideas to life and then
produce them into today's top department stores.

We are looking for an intelligent individual who is driven, creative,
and innovative. Someone who can easily pick up on trends, read style
blogs, understand/recognize fabrics. Someone who can assist in
facebook fanpage posts, trend blogs, and twitter posts. Someone who
can listen and interpret instructions as well as communicate with

Because we have a full staffed pattern-maker and sewer room, this
internship position will give you the opportunity to have your sketch
made into a sample piece with in 2 hours under approval/construction.

Interns must be able to commit a minimum of 2 days a week.This is an
unpaid internship with excellent opportunity for growth into full-time
Missa Collection
2945 E 12th St
Los Angeles CA 90023
(323)264-3915 you can ask for Seth


The primary function of the intern will be:

- Liaison to factories for design team
- Asst in Creative concept meetings and organization
- Maintain Design team organizational chart
- Asst photo shoot styling
- Organize fabric resources and contact data base
• Create and maintain revision documents throughout the sampling process
• Manage the outgoing and incoming shipments of samples to and from factories
• Maintain ongoing coordination and schedule with sample makers and


Necessary Skills:

Past internship or some work experience
• Knowledge of garment construction and knit sewing details
• Expertise with Illustrator and Photoshop , fast, proficient and organized.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Experience creating technical specs
• Posses a High Taste Level and clear understanding of the Designer
Fashion market
• Excellent organizational and follow up skills, highly focused ,
posses a great attention to detail
• Positive attitude, motivated, self-starter

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