Editorial Intern trainer

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Penn State University
Company Location: State College, PA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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Penn State University is a fully credited Global affiliated learning institution. My current status is a student with the Liberal Arts College through the global campus at University Park, Pennsylvania. I have also applied with the Arts and Architecture College here. I am also an Alumni from University of Akron with an Applied Science Degree.


To fullfil program requirements for readied success in field.


Courses I have taken are communications, phylosophy, labor issues, economics (business, micro & macro, matrix), website design, perspective drawing, blog and portfulio design, marketing, and have fine art experience with Galleries. These are not just my limits, where I have other courses that help to acquire full credit of degrees. I have helped in running a small service business for years and enjoyed it potentials in society (we working with advertising with varied media). I wrote for Plantation Acres Women's Club, various requires as President and wrote articles for Heluim.com

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